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Thank you for considering working with Aposto publications.

At Aposto, we design all the sponsored content we include in our publications as a space of discovery beyond a classic advertising experience. We strive to offer quality content that speaks to audiences with the voice of the publication it takes place in, feeds audiences with intellectual outputs and seeks the most creative way to explain the brand's thesis.

We consider it among our main priorities that the sponsored content we include in our publications reach the goals set by the brands. We design all content by taking these goals into account; we create all content with our sponsorship team in line with your briefs and guidance.

In order to maintain healthy communication in sponsorship processes, we keep our promises within certain limits and expect our sponsoring brands to comply with the processes described in this document. For details, we kindly ask you to take a look at the guide below, which we have created to protect the rights and define the obligations of the parties.

For detailed information about our sponsorship models and price policy, you can contact us via email and send us your requests via our sponsorship form.

Aposto Sponsorship Guide

This document sets out Aposto's position and standards for sponsored content and brand collaborations. It sets out the principles that sponsored content on Aposto must adhere to in order for Aposto to maintain editorial consistency and its audience’s trust. It details the responsibilities of brands that undertake sponsored collaborations with Aposto. It informs brands about the scope of Aposto's sponsorship services. On the other hand, it shows brands how the process of being a sponsor on Aposto works.

The standards set and the processes written in this document apply to all brands in all sponsored content of Aposto. The person, institution or organization requesting to be a sponsor will be referred to as Brand in the document.

Scope of Aposto Sponsorship Services

  • To sponsoring brands, Aposto provides editorial content preparation for daily or weekly publications (Angst, Aposto Gündem, Aposto Istanbul, Apéro, Digest, Duende, Exante, Pareto, Playground, Punto, Quando, Spektrum, Soli) that are published on its media service, and distribution of the prepared content through Aposto’s email newsletters, podcasts, mobile and web applications.
  • Aposto manages all sponsorship processes of publications and provides advertising services to its business partners through written, audio and visual sponsorship models. Written publications' "together with (brand)” sections, "(brand) presents" and “brought to you by (brand)” sections at the beginning and end of podcasts, video materials to be included in the publications' own social media accounts may be included within the scope of sponsorship. Aposto is not involved in visual content production processes except for special agreements.
  • Editorial content is the content created by Aposto editors based on the briefing submitted to Aposto, containing information about the brand, product or campaign; it covers the points that the brand wants to be highlighted and links to websites requested by the brand. Subject to 120 word upper limit.
  • Distribution channels are Aposto's main distribution channels, including email publications and mobile & web applications. As a media service, Aposto serves content through a multi-channel model. Editorial content is delivered to the subscribers of the brand's preferred publication through the channels specified by the brand. Aposto does not make subscriber segmentation in the delivery of sponsored content. Content produced with Sponsor of the Day models are stored in Aposto media service, provided that the publication date is specified. Aposto's podcasts and social media accounts of Aposto sub-brands can be used as distribution channels within the scope of the sponsorship model. Distribution of branded advertising content on Aposto’s main social media accounts, namely “Aposto” and “Apostonews” accounts, on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. does not fall within the scope of services. Aposto reserves the right to remove written and visual content that does not match its brand identity from all media.
  • Aposto is a new media and technology company with a focus on digital publications. Aposto is not a design agency, creative agency, digital agency, advertising agency, content agency, PR agency or mass emailing tool. Therefore, Aposto does not offer visual design / video content / creative content / creative concept services other than the editorial content defined above with the exception of special agreements for sponsoring brands. Editorial content is not distributed outside the channels listed above. Aposto does not send newsletters to the contact lists / databases of brands, does not produce press releases and digital publications for brands, and cannot deliver sponsored content created in line with the request of brands to anyone other than Aposto subscribers. Sponsored content cannot violate Aposto Ethos, or publications' own content standards and principles.

Format of Sponsored Content on Aposto and the Sponsorship Process

  • In Aposto's different sponsorship models, editorial content of at least 20 / at most 120 words is produced by Aposto editors in accordance with the brand's guidance. The content produced under the Sponsor of the Day model starts with an introductory paragraph on the topic, theme, trend, or problem solved by the brand in order to distinguish promotional copy from classic advertisements. Detailed information about the models can be found in the Sponsorship Models file. Sample sponsored content previously written for the Sponsor of the Day model can be accessed via this link along with the related newsletters.
  • The branded content in Aposto is specifically and absolutely indicated as branded content with the tags "SPONSORED", "TOGETHER WITH", "WITH THEIR SUPPORT" or "OUR SUPPORTER". Sponsored content is not included anywhere in Aposto publications or podcasts, except in the areas specified in the sponsorship models. Aposto has a responsibility to its audience to distinguish advertising content and expects all brands and organizations it cooperates with to comply with this principle.
  • Aposto expects brands to send the briefing of the campaign, PNG/SVG transparent light/dark background logos of the brand, and the link addresses of the brand. In order for the revision and approval processes of the content to be carried out in a healthy way, this material is expected to be submitted at least 1 week before the publication date. Aposto reserves the right to cancel the booking if the documents have not been submitted in whole or in part by the deadline.
  • Aposto tracks the click-through statistics of the links it uses and may provide a report upon request of the brand. The report includes metrics such as the number of deliveries, total/unique opens of the content on email, web and mobile applications, total/unique clicks on the links in the publication, total/unique clicks (for each link in the branded content), and podcast listen counts, if included in the sponsorship model. On the other hand, brands can also track the click-through statistics of the links they include in Aposto through the tracking codes (UTM) that Aposto will share with them if they wish.
  • The data shared by Aposto on the number of opens and impressions of the publications are based on the averages of past publications and Aposto does not guarantee or warrant that the same statistics will appear in all campaigns.

Rights and Obligations of Aposto and Brands in Sponsorship Processes

  • Aposto reserves the right to refuse to work with brands that do not comply with its ethical principles and editorial policy.
  • Brands that choose to work with Aposto agree to comply with Aposto's ethical principles and editorial policy. Aposto has full initiative to ensure that the content it includes complies with its ethical principles and editorial policy.
  • Aposto reserves the right to unilaterally and immediately terminate the cooperation by informing the business partner in writing if Aposto believes that the brands or organizations it cooperates with violate the ethical standards (Ethos) published on the Aposto website.
  • Aposto does not cooperate with political parties, politicians, institutions and organizations that have been involved in corruption, political controversy and social outrage. Aposto reserves the right to terminate the business contract immediately in the event that such records and connections are revealed by evidence. In such a case, the business partner shall be liable to indemnify Aposto for all damages arising from such cooperation.
  • Aposto undertakes not to include expressions in branded content that will damage the sponsor brand reputation, contradict brand values, and expressions that the brand will not approve. Content is published after the approval process is completed. If there is a situation-expression that the parties cannot agree on, it is preferred to try new forms of expression.
  • Brands are directly responsible for ensuring that the products or services featured in sponsored content comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. If it is determined that a sponsored content is for an illegal product or service, Aposto does not accept responsibility for the product or service. Aposto may restrict access to some or all of the content in question or remove the content completely.
  • Aposto expects brands that will withdraw from a sponsorship agreement for any reason to submit their withdrawal request at least 1 week prior to the scheduled publication date if the sponsored content request is received more than 1 week prior to the content's publication date. For sponsored content requests received within a week or less than a week, the withdrawal request must be submitted before the last 72 hours before the publication date of the content. If the withdrawal request is submitted after the specified deadlines, the brand is obliged to compensate Aposto for any damages incurred.
  • For content requests more than 1 week away, Aposto sends the content created by its editors at least 2 days before the publication date.
  • The brand is responsible for submitting the briefing, guidelines, documents and visuals required for the creation of the text at least one week before the publication date. For content to be published in the same week, the necessary information, documents and visuals are shared with Aposto within 24 hours following the content placement request.
  • For content to be published in the same week, Aposto creates and delivers the content to the brand at least 2 days before the publication date. For sponsored content submitted to the brand for revision and approval processes, additional revision requests cannot be created within 24 hours before the content is published.
  • Content approvals are submitted to Aposto no later than 17:00 (GMT+3) on the day before the content is to be published. After 17:00 (GMT+3), the content is positioned in Aposto's publication selected by the brand to be published and the agreed budget is invoiced to the brand. In the event that the written content cannot be placed in the relevant publications due to the approval period, the publication will be sent only with the brand logo, Aposto cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise and Aposto cannot be requested to position the same content in another publication of Aposto.
  • The logo sets and billing information that Aposto will request from the brand are expected to be delivered to Aposto no later than 24 hours before the publication of the content.
  • Aposto does not accept responsibility for the quality of the products or services offered by the brands it includes in sponsored content. The brand is responsible for providing the quality it promises.
  • Aposto reserves the right to refuse or remove all or part of sponsored content that is determined after publication to be damaging to the reputation of the Aposto brand.
  • Aposto expects the brand to appoint a representative for all sponsorship processes, and this representative will be contacted for the revision and approval steps of the content. Communication is carried out through the email address and phone number that the representative will provide to Aposto, and the representative is informed in writing via email about all delays and situations arising from delays.
  • Aposto decides which brands to work with on a product, campaign, brand, service basis. Aposto directly refuses to work with the relevant brands and promote products/services in the following cases:
    • Promotion of vulgar, offensive, humiliating, threatening products and services in accordance with Aposto's ethical principles and editorial policy.
    • Promotion of drugs, illegal substances, illegal products, and services that violate copyrights.
    • Promotion of products and services that contain hate speech and violence against any individual, group, institution, organization, country.
    • Promotion of products and services that do not comply with the brand value of the Aposto brand, the mission undertaken by the brand and the principles set by the brand.
    • Promotion of political parties, party members, politicians, ideological publications, institutions or organizations with a dubious reputation.